Waiters/ Waitresses

Our servers are here to deliver food and drinks to your guests, take orders, clean the tables and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our staff will be familiar with your menu, style of your event and will always be at the disposal of you and your guests. We train our waitstaff to provide professional service to everyone and make sure that everyone is pleased. We provide our waitstaff for all kinds and sizes of events.

catering service staff in larnaca


Our bartenders are skilled and they are here to make sure that your guests are happy and pleased. The catering service staff in Larnaca, are responsible for creating drinks, and setting up and cleaning up the bar area. They are trained to handle any possible issues and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Our bar staff will be familiar with the drinks that you want to offer at your event and they will be prepared for any case.

catering service staff in larnaca


They are going to be greeting your guests, guiding them to their table according to your seat plan and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Host staff are people hired to assist an event management. They can provide plenty of services – mostly the arrival and departure of guests. By hiring host staff, you can enjoy the event and interact with your guests without having to worry about anything.

catering service staff in larnaca

Our service staff is trained to keep everyone comfortable and satisfied. Our goal is to keep all your guests and yourself as well amazed and we are here to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. Contact us to find out more about our services.

Our Hospitality Team