The Future of Plant-based and Vegan Catering

the future of plant based and vegan catering

Plant-based and vegan catering is extremely rising in popularity nowadays worldwide. As more and more people adopt plant-based and vegan diets, the catering industry is changing in order to meet the demands of today’s society. The future of plant-based and vegan catering looks bright.

Increased Demand

As more people look for alternatives and adopt a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, the demand for caterings to meet those needs increases. Catering companies are now expected to have more innovative, versatile and creative food options to cover everyone’s dietary preferences.

Innovative Ingredients

As consumers look for alternatives, there has been an increase in the availability of innovative ingredients that can be used to create delicious vegan dishes. A few examples of innovative ingredients are the following: soy, vegan cheese, tempeh, seitan, and aquafaba.

Use of Vegetables

Vegetables are taking the lead as the main ingredient in many vegan and plant-based dishes. Catering companies are now offering more creative uses of vegetables such as sushi, veggie pasta dishes and more.

Creative Dishes

Plant-based and vegan catering is no longer limited to salads and steamed veggies. There is a whole lot of experimentation going on and catering services now create innovative and tasty dishes like beetroot burgers, chickpea curry, cauliflower wings and more.

Vegan Desserts

Catering companies are making sure that they offer desserts for vegans as well. Vegan ice cream, cashew-based cheesecake, and vegan chocolate mousse are only some of the plenty vegan dessert options available.

As the demand for plant-based and vegan catering continues to grow, it is expected to see more creative dishes from catering companies. At Larnaca Catering, we offer plenty of vegan and plant-based options. We make sure to deliver delicious, healthy and unique vegan options for everyone. The future of plant-based and vegan catering looks promising and bright.